International Wing Chun Academy

The International Wing Chun Academy is an established part of the Sydney community and one of the country’s authorities on Wing Chun, a style of Kung Fu. The company seized upon the marketing opportunity to register a new .sydney domain name and leverage the power of the highly relevant term ‘Kung Fu’ in the Sydney marketplace. The Academy’s new website can now be found at

“The new domain name perfectly describes the business and speaks to the most popular terms people use when searching for a martial arts school in Sydney. I saw this as a great opportunity to secure a domain name that was both highly relevant to our business as a Kung Fu school, but which was a new domain name and one which had the location built into the address itself. We are well-known as an authority on Kung Fu in Australia, having been around for over 40 years and domain name like helps to convey our authority as Australia’s leading Kung Fu school.”

– Tristan Fung, International Wing Chun Academy State Manager and Marketing Manager

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